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Nitrox Tools

Nitrox Tools - Imperial or Metric Settings
Easily move between Metric and Imperial/US calculations. Visit the in app “Settings” and choose your system of measurement. You can switch at any time and your existing calculations will be shown in the new system of measurement.
The default value for the system of measurement is determined the first time you run the application based on your regional settings. Any changes you make to this setting within Nitrox Tools will persist for future invocations of Nitrox Tools. For example, if you live in Canada but dive with Imperial/US equipment, just change this setting within Nitrox Tools and it will stay set until you change it again.
Nitrox Tools support multiple windows on iPadOS and macOS so you can leave a window open showing the settings to allow quick changes to the measurement system. The for input editors where it is appropriate (Depth and tank pressure), Nitrox Tools allows you to enter values in either system of measurement. For example, if you normal work in Feet but the dive master gives the max planned depth in meters you can enter the value in meters and it will be automatically converted to feet.