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Share your calculations to yourself or others via email!
You can easily exchange the results of your dive planning or blending calculations with your dive buddies or your dive shop. Use the “Mail these Calculations” button located right below the Results panel on each of the tool tabs. Tapping this button will format your calculations into an e-mail message and open the built in Mail application so that you can address it, add your own comments and send it along.
Do you find that you regularly send to the same people or want your own subject on each of the messages you send without re-entering them each time Mail opens? Just go to the “Settings” tab (by default you’ll find Settings under the “More” tab) and enter your defaults for any of the To, CC and Subject fields. Nitrox Tools will use those settings to pre-populate Mail each time your tap the “Mail these Calculations” button. Of course, you can always edit the fields once you are in Mail.