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Trimix Tools

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Trimix dive planning tools are included to easily calculate the Equivalent Narcotic Depth (END), Ceiling Depth, Maximum Depth and the Contingency Depth for the specified mix and your desired PPO2 limits. Planned depth is included to enable the software to issue appropriate warnings.
Oxygen is treated as a narcotic gas for END related calculations by default. A setting is provided in the “Settings” tab (More->Settings) to change this behavior if you prefer to not treat oxygen as narcotic.
Tap on the bookmark icon to recall a previously saved calculation or to save this calculation for future use.
You can easily make the calculations for salt water or fresh water and in Metric or Imperial/US by selecting the “Settings” tab (if it is not visible on the current screen select “More”) and changing the appropriate settings. You can also adjust some of the warnings offered by the application in the settings tab. The next version of the software will also provide a setting for treating oxygen as a narcotic gas.