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Using the Synchronization feature

What software do I need on my computer?

In order to share your logbook from Dive Log on iPhone with your desktop computer you will need to have a compatible application installed on your computer.

On Windows you will need a copy of Diving Log 5.0. You can also use Diving Log 4.0 if you already have that installed. You should have at least version 4.0.12 with the latest patches installed. Diving Log 5.0 introduced some additional capabilities and offers additional access to the data types supported in Dive Log on iPhone.

On the Mac you will need a copy of our free Dive Log Manager application.

Do I need to connect my iPhone/iPod touch with the USB Cable?

You do not use the USB cable when using the “Synchronization” feature of Dive Log. Dive Log will participate in the normal backup procedure that is part of synchronizing with iTunes. This process will backup all your settings and data related to Dive Log along with all the other applications on your iPhone or iPod touch. This process is completely separate from the “Synchronization” feature for communicating with desktop dive logbook applications. You will need to have your iPhone or iPod touch connected via Wi-Fi in order to use the “Synchronization” feature.

How to I connect my iPhone/iPod touch to use the Synchronization feature?

Dive Log uses a WiFi network connection to communicate with the desktop software. You must have WiFi enabled on your iPhone and it must be connected to the same network as the desktop computer with which you wish to communicate.

What do you mean by “the same network”?

Most home networks will already be configured correctly to support connections between Diving Log and compatible desktop application. More complex networks may have multiple subnetworks. The iPhone and the computer hosting the desktop software must be on the same subnetwork (i.e. both devices’ network addresses must only differ in the last part of the address - for example: and

How do I enable synchronization in Diving Log 5.0/4.0?

To open the sync function in Diving Log 5.0/4.0, click the drop down arrow in the main toolbar next to the "Sync" button and select iPhone/iPod. This setting will be remembered so you can click the “Sync” button the next time. The Sync window will open and start listening for an available iPhone running Dive Log to connect to.

How do I enable synchronization in Dive Log Manager?

Dive Log Manager will be listening for available iPhones running Dive Log. When a new device becomes available it will appear in the sidebar under the “IMPORT” item. Once you have used a device it will continue to appear under the “IMPORT” item and will be active when that device is available for synchronization.

My iPhone does not show up in my desktop application, what now?

The most common reason that your iPhone will not show up is because a firewall is blocking the port necessary for the two applications to communicate. There are many types of firewall applications and they are all configured differently. Most popular firewalls today can grant access on an application basis.

If you are using Diving Log 5.0/4.0 on Windows, you need to add the application “Divelog.exe” to your firewall’s allow list (Divelog.exe is located in the Diving Log 5.0/4.0 application directory typically installed as c:\Program Files\Diving Log 4.0 or c:\Program Files\Diving Log 5.0). You should also ensure that “Bonjour Services” has been added to your firewall. This is typically taken care of when iTunes is installed.

If you are using Dive Log Manager on the Mac you may have to add it to your allowed applications. You will typically get the option to do this the first time you run the application if it is needed.

Are there any diagnostic information that I can access?

In Dive Log on iPhone, you can tap the “i” information button in the lower right corner of the Synchronization page to flip to the back view and see the diagnostic messages.

In Diving Log 5.0/4.0’s Sync window you can click the “Info” button to see detailed information about the connection.

In Dive Log Manager, any diagnostic messages will be printed in the “Connection Messages” window. The “Connection Messages” window can be accessed by clicking the “Messages” button in the synchronization panel for the currently connected device.

We can better help you with connection problem if you include messages from these areas when you contact us for help.

Dive Log says that it got the new Logbook, now what?

Once a new Logbook has been successfully transferred to Dive Log, the “Use new Logbook” button will turn green. Dive Log will attempt to load the new Logbook when you tap this button. Assuming there are no problems with the transferred logbook, it will be ready to use. Dive Log will keep a copy of the previous logbook you were using so that you can restore it if there is a problem with your new logbook. The “Restore previous Logbook” button will be colored red anytime there is a previous logbook that you can restore.

Buddies integration with Contacts

What do the “green” and “red” icons in the Buddy list mean?

When you load a new logbook using the “Synchronize” feature of Dive Log it may contain a list of Buddies. Dive Log will attempt to match these Buddies to contacts in your address book on iPhone. If a contact is uniquely matched to an existing contact in your address book it will be indicated by a green icon next to the buddy name. Any buddies that cannot be uniquely matched to a contact in your address book will be marked with a red icon next to the buddy name. Any Buddy with a red icon can be added to your address book or associated with an existing contact when you select the buddy for editing.

Why don’t you just add imported Buddies to Contact automatically?

We felt that it was important to leave it up to you which imported Buddies also appeared in your address book on your iPhone. Many people will be importing Logbooks from other applications that have Buddy information that may not be in a form that it suitable for inclusion as a contact (for example the imported buddy text might read “5 Students”).

Why do new Buddies created within Dive Log always have a “green” icon?

New buddies added within the Dive Log application are always added to your contacts if you choose either “Select existing Contact” or “Create new Contact” when you add a new Buddy. If you’d like to create a Buddy that is not linked to one of your existing contacts you should choose the “Buddy without Contact” option when adding a new Buddy. In this case, the Buddy that you add will have the “red” unlinked icon.

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