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Name My Tune!

Apple iTunes App Store - purchase Name My Tune!Got a minute? Want to have some fun? Do you remember the TV game show "Name That Tune"? Play "Name My Tune!" and get ready to be entertained. Three different modes of play in one game ensure that you have enough variety to keep you playing for hours!

  • Uses your own music already on your iPod or iPhone
  • 3 different kinds of rounds in 1 game
  • Get scores based on how fast you identify the song and how many songs are in your Library
  • New in Version 1.1 - select playlists to EXCLUDE from game play
  • New in Version 1.2 - added setting to allow the music to start in the middle of a song instead of at the beginning of a song
  • New in Version 2.0 - 2 player support via bluetooth! Play with a (local) friend over bluetooth and they can guess your music and you can guess theirs. Each player plays 2 songs in each round and both players race to choose the correct answer first.

Here's what a single game will look like when playing:

Name My Tune - Start

Why is this the best music quiz game for iPod's and iPhone's?


First, the introductory screen shows you your current point total. This will be zero (0) if you are starting a new game or could have a value if you are re-starting the application after stopping mid-play. Your entire song library is loaded into the applicaton which, if you have a large library, may take a short while. Once the library is loaded, the "Start Game" button will be enabled and the games can begin!


(Be sure to have a big enough music library installed on your device - otherwise the game won't be that much fun to play!)

Name My Tune - Ring The Bell Round

"Ring The Bell" is the first round of the game and is played twice.


When you are ready to play, press "Play Song" and the app will play a song at random from your Library and start a timer. When you think you know the song, "Ring The Bell" to stop the timer either by touching the bell on the screen or shaking your iDevice. (Don't shake too long and extend your time!). Once the Bell has been rung, the iPod Song Picker will display.

Name My Tune - iPod Song Picker

Use the iPod Song Picker to choose which song you think was playing.


There is no timer running anymore, so take your time deciding which song it was and don't accidentally pick the wrong one in a hurry! If you know the artist, but aren't sure of exactly which song, touch the "Artist" tab and scroll through the songs specific to that artist. The same applies to the Playlist and Album tabs.


If you choose the correct song, a popup is displayed confirming you are correct and tells you how many points you have earned.

If you choose an incorrect song, a popup is displayed that tells you the correct song and artist name and you will not earn any points.


Points are based on both the amount of time taken before "Ringing The Bell" and how many songs are in your iTunes library. Less time - more points. More songs - more points.

Name My Tune - Get A Clue Round

"Get A Clue" is the second round of the game and is played twice.


When you are ready to play, touch "Get Clues". This round is a challenge and is for all you visual people out there! A timer is started and several textual clues about the song are displayed in a small window on the screen. The song title, artist, album name are all mixed up and then animated on the screen! The song genre and author fade in and out. The track number, total tracks, and duration are also animated on the screen. It gets busy! To help you out, 1 second of the song is played.


Once you are ready to guess the song, touch the "Choose Song" button to stop the timer and the iPod Song Picker will be displayed. Take your time choosing the correct song. (HINT: look and see which letters are capitalized in the clues!)

Name My Tune - Just In Time Round

"Just In Time" is the third and final round of the game and is played twice.


Use the musical timer to set how long you want to hear the song for. Touch the score or drag your finger around the circle to set the time. When you are ready to play, touch the "Go" button.


The song will play for the amount of time selected and the timer will count down. Once the timer reaches zero, the iPod Song Picker will display for you to choose the song. The maximum amount of time you can choose is 9.9 seconds. Remember - the shorter the amount of time, the more points!

Name My Tune - Game Over

The Game is now Finished and your point total is displayed.


If you had a great game, you can show off your score to other Name My Tune players by touching the "Geocade" button. If this is not your thing, just hit "Play It Again Sam" to play another game.

Name My Tune - Submit to Geocade

Submit your score to the Geocade service.


If you are connected to the internet, you can submit your score to the Geocade servers and compare your scores to other players. With Geocade, you can compare to other local, regional, or world wide players as it is based on your location!


You will be asked if Name My Tune can acquire your current location. It will then pass this information as well as your current score to the Geocade servers. If you have not yet created a user name with Geocade, you will be prompted to create one. The user name can be any text sequence you want and is just used to identify your iDevice. You may also optionally enter your location information and your email address.

And since that was so much fun, you will want to start all over again!

Name My Tune! - a music quiz and trivia game
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