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Dive Log Manager from the Mac App Store

Dive Log Manager is a free application found on the Mac App Store that is designed specifically to allow you to manage your digital scuba diving logbooks between your Mac desktop and Dive Log on iOS. See our screen shots below for more information about it's features and visit the Mac App Store to download. (Dive Log DT is a paid version of this application, also available on the Mac App Store).

We also have a sample logbook file you can download and play around with to gather more information - take a look here to try it out!

ScreenShotDive Log Manager is a completely new application. Mac users will recognize the model that Dive Log Manager uses to display your diving logbook information.You can view information about your Dives, Buddies, Locations, Types of Dives, Equipment, and Personal Information about the scuba diver.

The Dives panel will show you a summary of the currently selected dive as shown here. There are popup's to show you information about the Buddies, Dive Type, Equipment, and Comments entered for that dive.

The Buddies, Locations, Dive Types, Equipment, and Personal panels show you detailed information about each of those items.

The Statistics panel will give you overall information about your logbook as a whole, as well as show you dives by Sites, Cities, Countries, Buddies, Types, and Equipment.


You can Import logbook information from several other formats and programs using Dive Log Manager. The main Import Panel will allow you to set configuration options when importing into Dive Log Manager as well as giving you online help. Once those preferences are set to your liking, you can click on which format you are importing from. (Importing instructions can also be found on the main "Import" panel)

Currently supported formats are MacDive (, MacDiveLog (, JTrak (previously from ScubaPro) and JDiveLog (, Shearwater (, and Suunto DM4 ( We can also import standard UDCF files and UDDF files from V-Planner and MultiDeco-X1 from HHS Software ( (Please contact us for "up-to-date" information on other formats). You can also import from another Dive Log Manager logbook if you want to using the "Dive Log" import. You can choose to merge that external logbook information into an existing dive, or you can create a new dive with it - simply set the starting dive number for the operation. Import as many dives at once as you want. When merging data from an external log to an existing dive, we will only selectively overwrite data so you will not lose any information that has already been entered.

Dive Log Manager Dive Site InformationDive Site information is divided into 3 parts:

  • Dive Site - including a star rating, comments, GPS location, and a photo. Dive Sites with GPS locations can be viewed in a browser using Google Maps.

  • City/Boat - select whether the site was part of a City, Island, Liveaboard, Hotel, or Camping location as well as general comments.

  • Country - where you can enter GMT offset, currency, general comments, and a photo.

Dive Log Manager Synchronization PanelSynchronization between the desktop and your handheld device is very simple.

There is a synchronization panel for each iOS device that advertises that it is available. Dive Log Manager will automatically recognize compatible iOS devices when synchronization is enabled within the Dive Log app. Dive Log Manager and Dive Log use Apple's Bonjour technology to automatically configure the network communications. You may also backup your iOS logbook onto your desktop for safe keeping and for backup purposes.

There is also a manual connection panel for advanced users who use firewalls or work in areas where Bonjour is not available. It is enabled via a checkbox on the main "Synchronize" panel where you will also find detailed online synchronization instructions.

Download and Install Dive Log Manager from the Mac App Store today!

Dive Log Manager is available for free on the Mac App Store today! If you have any questions or problems, please visit the "Contact" page to reach us, or check for additional information in our Forums.

Also look for Dive Log DT on the Mac App Store. This is a paid version that allows for logbook updates and data entry directly on the desktop as well as direct download support for a select number of dive computers.